I’m always changing bags and I need to have my daughter’s Epi-pen  on me at all times in case she has a reaction. I needed something small and long that can fit into her diaper bag and my gym bag.

The crocheting instructions:

Chain 52, slip stitch together the beginning and end chains making a round base, double crochet and slip stitch the final double crochet to the first double crochet. chain 2 and repeat to desired length.

Machine or hand sew the zipper to the finished crocheted item

Attach Mollie Flowers, use the beginning and ending started to pull through the stitched and fasten together.

I have a previous post on Mollie Flowers, there are some that I did incorrectly and thought I could try them out on something else. I really wanted to add a lining, hopefully I can remake this one day. I’m trying to get my health back on track! Mouth pain is a very hard thing to deal with while your expecting! My wisdom teeth paid me a long overdue visit while I was sick. I’m on antibiotics now to get the infection under control, we are really hoping I can hold off until i give birth to get them removed.