My Little girl has been really into playing dress up lately with her Lola’s (Grand Mother) hats. We are always throwing the diaper boxes in recycling and I thought we could try to make a mask out of one.  I used Elemer’s glue for the yarn using a liberal amount when placing each strand. It also helps using a stick or an old pen when placing the yarn down. I had some left over wrapping paper that I just tore into pieces for the white parts. For the nose I did cross hatches on the white paper and then tore that into pieces also. For the rectangular stick in the back a put glue on one side and just wrapped it around. To punch out the eyes I used a pen creating punch marks around the eyes on top side, flipped the the face around and you should be able to see when the pen went through the cardboard and repeat. I wish she was more of a fan of the mask, she recently got a little Tinkerbell doll and it’s more about that then anything else.

Materials needed:

white paper (construction paper will work fine)



Pencil for tracing

Elemer’s glue


Here is a template of the face.

Fox Template