In honor of National Handwriting Day I have created a DIY tutorial for a bitty little girl bracelet. I wanted to make my daughter her very own bracelet since she has been wearing mine lately and they keep sliding of her wrists. After I had finished this little bracelet she wanted nothing to do with it, i’ll try tomorrow to see if she will wear it.

Making these friendship type bracelets growing up I always would safety pin it to my jeans, now I have discovered the binder clip! I don’t have any embroidery floss so I just cut for long strands for each color of embroidery thread. I used a basic overhand knot using the same group of thread for each color panel. I was going to paint the findings with aqua color nail polish and realized I didn’t really have time for that to dry. To secure the final knot I used clear nail polish on the not to hold the bracelet together and not fray.