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Daisy Girl Bag

I’m always changing bags and I need to have my daughter’s Epi-pen  on me at all times in case she has a reaction. I needed something small and long that can fit into her diaper bag and my gym bag. The crocheting instructions: Chain 52, slip stitch together the beginning and end chains making aContinue Reading

Mollie Flowers

Trying something a little different in the crocheting world. I have a ton of wool yarn that is to rough for wearing and I need to make something useful out of it. I’m trying to make this a side project and they are so easy to make that can take them along with me inContinue Reading

Basket Weave Pocket Scarf

I have been trying to incorporate pockets into the scarves I’m making. I went on a scarf making frenzy for Christmas presents and now I wanted to try something different. This was my prototype and hopefully I can make a tutorial on my next scarf. The hardest part of this scarf was the hand sewing ofContinue Reading